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Sunday at Church 021212

Sweet Sunday

Sweet Sunday (Photo credit: storebukkebruse)

I often don’t post a Sunday entry because We often do not have a formal Sunday sermon, or I prepare without writing down any notes or texts. Today is such a morning; I am absolutely joyous this morning because of Jesus, and hope you are too.

Our small church is distributing copies of the new Book of Common Prayer to each of our congregation—it just came out in paperback and is reasonable in cost, so we decided to try to Common Prayer liturgy together as a community of Christ. Now, three times a day we will all be (attempting) to read and pray the same prayers (and along with many others around the world). You can find the daily prayers at http://www.commonprayer.net or also on Facebook, where the daily prayers get posted on your Facebook page.

We also have been using the Lambeth Method of Bible Study. It is a collaborative, community method of Bible study and discussion, and it has worked well when we have a smaller group in attendance.

I’ve been making mistakes using WordPress, and posting on the wrong day, etc. There is a way for me to post before midnight a post for the next day. It worked successfully several times, but now I’m making mistakes.  Hopefully, I can redeem those mistakes and correct them for next week.

But, I’m going to spend time reading the blogs of everyone who is a subscriber here. Almost everyone also has a blog, and I’ll be catching up.

Thank you for your support of this blog and for the ministry of Jesus Christ in your life.

Pray for peace,

(brother) Bill




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  1. The Lambeth Bible study method goes by other names as well. It seems to me that one of the strengths is the disciplined listening that happens, a critical skill for good cross-cultural communication. It does take more time but what an excellent way to share time together, listening to each other’s perspective on scripture.

    • It also works well because ‘discussion’ of what others observe in a scripture is initially not allowed, so that we (me?) can focus just on listening and not on framing an anticipated response. So, it is communication not based upon argumentation and winning the discussion. At least that’s how it has seemed to work for us.

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