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Everyday I Look For Him 091912

Everyday I Look For Him 091912


Jesus (Photo credit: Thomas Hawk)


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Psalm 119:169-176 http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Psalm%20119:169-176&version=MSG

Isaiah 10:12-20 http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Isaiah%2010:12-20&version=MSG

John 7:25-36 http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=John%207:25-36&version=MSG



Everyday I Look For Him 091912


John 7 might need to be read by itself several times to begin to feel it deeply, and after doing so I felt lost, or felt like I’ve been looking for Jesus, but have not found him. Maybe Jesus felt the same way when speaking in this gospel selection, Yes, you think you know me and where I’m from, but that’s not where I’m from.’


It seems sometimes as if both God and humankind have a difficult time connecting with one another. Jesus, even, sounds frustrated that humankind could then see him, alive and present on earth, but could not SEE him. If I were there could I really see Jesus as he really was and is? I doubt it; most of my life I’ve looked back on the many times I could have seen the truth, but failed miserably to do so.


Maybe now, we can begin to see! We really, really need to see what is going on in the world, and run to Jesus as fast as we can run.


Pray for peace, in Syria, in Israel (and Iran). Pray for peace in Afghanistan and Iraq and Yemen and Libya and Eqypt, and everywhere in the world that Christians need to be working for peace, and pray for your own peace with God.


brother Bill


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Pray with us!

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Psalm 119:169-176

Isaiah 10:12-20

John 7:25-36

Psalm 119:169-176

The Message (MSG)

169-176 Let my cry come right into your presence, God;
provide me with the insight that comes only from your Word.
Give my request your personal attention,
rescue me on the terms of your promise.
Let praise cascade off my lips;
after all, you’ve taught me the truth about life!
And let your promises ring from my tongue;
every order you’ve given is right.
Put your hand out and steady me
since I’ve chosen to live by your counsel.
I’m homesick, God, for your salvation;
I love it when you show yourself!
Invigorate my soul so I can praise you well,
use your decrees to put iron in my soul.
And should I wander off like a lost sheep—seek me!
I’ll recognize the sound of your voice.

Isaiah 10:12-20

The Message (MSG)

12-13 When the Master has finished dealing with Mount Zion and Jerusalem, he’ll say, “Now it’s Assyria’s turn. I’ll punish the bragging arrogance of the king of Assyria, his high and mighty posturing, the way he goes around saying,

13-14 “‘I’ve done all this by myself.
I know more than anyone.
I’ve wiped out the boundaries of whole countries.
I’ve walked in and taken anything I wanted.
I charged in like a bull
and toppled their kings from their thrones.
I reached out my hand and took all that they treasured
as easily as a boy taking a bird’s eggs from a nest.
Like a farmer gathering eggs from the henhouse,
I gathered the world in my basket,
And no one so much as fluttered a wing
or squawked or even chirped.’”

15-19 Does an ax take over from the one who swings it?
Does a saw act more important than the sawyer?
As if a shovel did its shoveling by using a ditch digger!
As if a hammer used the carpenter to pound nails!
Therefore the Master, God-of-the-Angel-Armies,
will send a debilitating disease on his robust Assyrian fighters.
Under the canopy of God’s bright glory
a fierce fire will break out.
Israel’s Light will burst into a conflagration.
The Holy will explode into a firestorm,
And in one day burn to cinders
every last Assyrian thornbush.
God will destroy the splendid trees and lush gardens.
The Assyrian body and soul will waste away to nothing
like a disease-ridden invalid.
A child could count what’s left of the trees
on the fingers of his two hands.

20-23 And on that Day also, what’s left of Israel, the ragtag survivors of Jacob, will no longer be fascinated by abusive, battering Assyria. They’ll lean on God, The Holy—yes, truly. The ragtag remnant—what’s left of Jacob—will come back to the Strong God. Your people Israel were once like the sand on the seashore, but only a scattered few will return. Destruction is ordered, brimming over with righteousness. For the Master, God-of-the-Angel-Armies, will finish here what he started all over the globe.

John 7:25-36

The Message (MSG)

25-27 That’s when some of the people of Jerusalem said, “Isn’t this the one they were out to kill? And here he is out in the open, saying whatever he pleases, and no one is stopping him. Could it be that the rulers know that he is, in fact, the Messiah? And yet we know where this man came from. The Messiah is going to come out of nowhere. Nobody is going to know where he comes from.”

28-29 That provoked Jesus, who was teaching in the Temple, to cry out, “Yes, you think you know me and where I’m from, but that’s not where I’m from. I didn’t set myself up in business. My true origin is in the One who sent me, and you don’t know him at all. I come from him—that’s how I know him. He sent me here.”

30-31 They were looking for a way to arrest him, but not a hand was laid on him because it wasn’t yet God’s time. Many from the crowd committed themselves in faith to him, saying, “Will the Messiah, when he comes, provide better or more convincing evidence than this?”

32-34 The Pharisees, alarmed at this seditious undertow going through the crowd, teamed up with the high priests and sent their police to arrest him. Jesus rebuffed them: “I am with you only a short time. Then I go on to the One who sent me. You will look for me, but you won’t find me. Where I am, you can’t come.”

35-36 The Jews put their heads together. “Where do you think he is going that we won’t be able to find him? Do you think he is about to travel to the Greek world to teach the Jews? What is he talking about, anyway: ‘You will look for me, but you won’t find me,’ and ‘Where I am, you can’t come’?”


Jesus on the wall of the senior Home

Jesus on the wall of the senior Home (Photo credit: freestone)

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