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Zero Patience

Zero Patience (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

"...and here we are!" (left to right...

“…and here we are!” (left to right: Dow, Workman and René, 1907) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Patience, my children! 102412


This blog comes to you from the people at Peace Mennonite Church of Columbia, MO



Today’s Scriptures Click the following links to read today’s scriptures or scroll to the very bottom of this blog post for those scriptures also. Lectionary Scriptures for the day selected by http://www.commontexts.org/

Psalm 37:23-40

1 Samuel 12:1-25

John 13:1-17


Patience, my children! 102412


The daily chores are done. I’ve done my work and watched the sun go down, but here I am, at midnight, working on the computer.


I’m neither complaining about the work of writing this blog, or not recognizing that a computer and the internet provide communication, knowledge and easy access to information. I am one who believes the best spouse one could have is a pretty or handsome librarian. I love books, as you might guess.


But when it comes to the business of keeping myself ‘connected’ and in some fashion keeping these ‘devices’ working is too much for me. After a week of difficulty with my computer which suddenly would have a seizure, sort of, and turn blue and shut down. Each time, I lost what I wrote and had to start again.


Now, I guess technology is a human advancement. I won’t argue otherwise, but as we advance do our passions, our emotions advance as well. I don’t think so.


I pray for God to give us new patience, and especially me, and help us all to be better humans, not just with the patience of Job, but with the same patience God has for us. Otherwise, we are lost in the universe, and I’ll start using my laptop as a kind of new age frisbee.


Pray for patience, and for peace,


Prayer List: Peace Mennonite Church keeps a prayer list for those in need. If you need prayer, or want to e-mail our pastor, e-mail billd @ peacemennonitechurch.net (Take out the extra spaces to use this e-mail—the spaces confuse spam generators).

Pray with us!

We are praying as a church, and attempting to follow the centuries’ old tradition of praying with other Christians three times a day. We are following the prayer liturgy at www.commonprayer.net

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Psalm 37:23-40

1 Samuel 12:1-25

John 13:1-17



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