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The Path of Peace 010913


Peace (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Journal for Peace and Justice Studies

Journal for Peace and Justice Studies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Path of Peace 010913

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Psalm 72 http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Psalm%2072&version=MSG


Numbers 24:15-19 http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Numbers%2024:15-19&version=MSG


Luke 1:67-79 http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Luke%201:67-79&version=MSG

The Path of Peace 010913

People are amazed when they hear that peace is a path continually being studied, researched, contemplated and taught at colleges and universities around the world. It is a serious and progressing field of study, and demands the highest level of interdisciplinary inquiry of its passionate adherents.

The field of study is simply enough called ‘Peace Studies’. Many are amazed that peace requires anything other than stopping war, or disarming our nuclear arsenals, or stopping the draft. But the field of study continues to thrive, although quietly. It even thrives on college campuses that see themselves as ‘military friendly’ and a fact that many forget is that most or many military families and persons see themselves as peacemakers. When I taught Peace Studies, I was surprised that many students were also sincere R.O.T.C students (Reserve Officers Training for college students). It of course would not make sense to engage in verbal conflict over the topic of peace, and I don’t think students who would become officers should be alienated because of the topic of peace, and I never saw another student among a diverse class of students treat anyone as other than a regular human being—despite the wide variety of political attitudes I found among my Peace Studies students.

Most people continue to fail to observe and learn that the path to peace, eternal world peace, and peace in the universe is tied directly to peace in our hearts, peace in the home, in the neighbor, town and city. And even if we hire the UN to seek peace for us, the hard work of peace really stays with each of us. We have to begin this path by finding a peace for ourselves. When I read, pray and love Jesus, it is because he is the prince of peace, and peace in all its forms or levels, from inside each of us, step by step, magnitude by magnitude until we envision peace with God, the final, highest form of peace.

Of course my visual idea of what peace with God may feel like or look like is just what it is—a visual idea inside my mind. I can’t imagine what peace with God might actually mean or come to be.

Today’s reading from Luke 1 says God is ‘….. showing us the way, one foot at a time, down the path of peace.’

Pray for peace,

pastor Bill

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Psalm 72

Numbers 24:15-19

Luke 1:67-79

Psalm 72

The Message (MSG)

A Solomon Psalm

72 1-8 Give the gift of wise rule to the king, O God,
the gift of just rule to the crown prince.
May he judge your people rightly,
be honorable to your meek and lowly.
Let the mountains give exuberant witness;
shape the hills with the contours of right living.
Please stand up for the poor,
help the children of the needy,
come down hard on the cruel tyrants.
Outlast the sun, outlive the moon—
age after age after age.
Be rainfall on cut grass,
earth-refreshing rain showers.
Let righteousness burst into blossom
and peace abound until the moon fades to nothing.
Rule from sea to sea,
from the River to the Rim.

9-14 Foes will fall on their knees before God,
his enemies lick the dust.
Kings remote and legendary will pay homage,
kings rich and resplendent will turn over their wealth.
All kings will fall down and worship,
and godless nations sign up to serve him,
Because he rescues the poor at the first sign of need,
the destitute who have run out of luck.
He opens a place in his heart for the down-and-out,
he restores the wretched of the earth.
He frees them from tyranny and torture—
when they bleed, he bleeds;
when they die, he dies.

15-17 And live! Oh, let him live!
Deck him out in Sheba gold.
Offer prayers unceasing to him,
bless him from morning to night.
Fields of golden grain in the land,
cresting the mountains in wild exuberance,
Cornucopias of praise, praises
springing from the city like grass from the earth.
May he never be forgotten,
his fame shine on like sunshine.
May all godless people enter his circle of blessing
and bless the One who blessed them.

18-20 Blessed God, Israel’s God,
the one and only wonder-working God!
Blessed always his blazing glory!
All earth brims with his glory.
Yes and Yes and Yes.

Numbers 24:15-19

The Message (MSG)

12-15 Balaam said to Balak, “Didn’t I tell you up front when you sent your emissaries, ‘Even if Balak gave me his palace stuffed with silver and gold, I couldn’t do anything on my own, whether good or bad, that went against God’s command’? I’m leaving for home and my people, but I warn you of what this people will do to your people in the days to come.” Then he spoke his oracle-message:

15-19 Decree of Balaam son of Beor,
decree of the man with 20/20 vision,
Decree of the man who hears godly speech,
who knows what’s going on with the High God,
Who sees what The Strong God reveals,
who bows in worship and sees what’s real.
I see him, but not right now,
I perceive him, but not right here;
A star rises from Jacob
a scepter from Israel,
Crushing the heads of Moab,
the skulls of all the noisy windbags;
I see Edom sold off at auction,
enemy Seir marked down at the flea market,
while Israel walks off with the trophies.
A ruler is coming from Jacob
who’ll destroy what’s left in the city.

Luke 1:67-79

The Message (MSG)

67-79 Then Zachariah was filled with the Holy Spirit and prophesied,

Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel;
he came and set his people free.
He set the power of salvation in the center of our lives,
and in the very house of David his servant,
Just as he promised long ago
through the preaching of his holy prophets:
Deliverance from our enemies
and every hateful hand;
Mercy to our fathers,
as he remembers to do what he said he’d do,
What he swore to our father Abraham—
a clean rescue from the enemy camp,
So we can worship him without a care in the world,
made holy before him as long as we live.
And you, my child, “Prophet of the Highest,”
will go ahead of the Master to prepare his ways,
Present the offer of salvation to his people,
the forgiveness of their sins.
Through the heartfelt mercies of our God,
God’s Sunrise will break in upon us,
Shining on those in the darkness,
those sitting in the shadow of death,
Then showing us the way, one foot at a time,
down the path of peace.




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