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The Whistling Boy, Frank Duveneck (1872)

The Whistling Boy, Frank Duveneck (1872) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Psalm 96:1-9

1 Kings 6:23-38

2 Corinthians 5:11-17

Psalm 96:1-9

1 ​​​​​​​Sing to the LORD a new song!2
Sing to the LORD, all the earth!
2 ​​​​​​​Sing to the LORD! Praise his name!
Announce every day how he delivers!
3 ​​​​​​​Tell the nations about his splendor!
1 all the nations about his amazing deeds!
4 ​​​​​​​For the LORD is great and certainly worthy of praise;
he is more awesome than all gods.
5 ​​​​​​​For all the gods of the nations are worthless,
but the LORD made the sky.
6 ​​​​​​​Majestic splendor emanates from him;
his sanctuary is firmly established and beautiful.
7 ​​​​​​​Ascribe to the LORD, O families of the nations,
ascribe to the LORD splendor and strength!
8 ​​​​​​​Ascribe to the LORD the splendor he deserves!
Bring an offering and enter his courts!
9 ​​​​​​​Worship the LORD in holy attire!


23 In the inner sanctuary he made two cherubs of olive wood; each stood 15 feet high. Exod 25:18; 24 Each of the first cherub’s wings was seven and a half feet long; its entire wingspan was 15 feet. 25 The second cherub also had a wingspan of 15 feet; it was identical to the first in measurements and shape. 26 Each cherub stood 15 feet high. 27 He put the cherubs in the inner sanctuary of the temple. Their wings were spread out. One of the first cherub’s wings touched one wall and one of the other cherub’s wings touched the opposite wall. The first cherub’s other wing touched the second cherub’s other wing in the middle of the room. Exod 25:20; 28 He plated the cherubs with gold.

29 On all the walls around the temple, inside and out, he carved cherubs, palm trees, and flowers in bloom. 30 He plated the floor of the temple with gold, inside and out. 31 He made doors of olive wood at the entrance to the inner sanctuary; the pillar on each doorpost was five-sided. 32 On the two doors made of olive wood he carved cherubs, palm trees, and flowers in bloom, and he plated them with gold. He plated the cherubs and the palm trees with hammered gold. 33 In the same way he made doorposts of olive wood for the entrance to the main hall, only with four-sided pillars. 34 He also made two doors out of wood from evergreens; each door had two folding leaves. 35 He carved cherubs, palm trees, and flowers in bloom and plated them with gold, leveled out over the carvings. 36 He built the inner courtyard with three rows of chiseled stones and a row of cedar beams.

37 In the month Ziv of the fourth year of Solomon’s reign the foundation was laid for the LORD’s temple. 38 In the eleventh year, in the month Bul (the eighth month) the temple was completed in accordance with all its specifications and blueprints. It took seven years to build.

2 Corinthians 5:11-17

11 Therefore, because we know the fear of the Lord, we try to persuade people, but we are well known to God, and I hope we are well known to your consciences too. 12 We are not trying to commend ourselves to you again, but are giving you an opportunity to be proud of us, so that you may be able to answer those who take pride in outward appearance and not in what is in the heart. 2Cor 3:1; 2Cor 10:8; 13 For if we are out of our minds, it is for God; if we are of sound mind, it is for you. 14 For the love of Christ controls us, since we have concluded this, that Christ died for all; therefore all have died. 15 And he died for all so that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for him who died for them and was raised. Rom 14:7; Gal 2:20; 1Thess 5:10; 1Pet 4:2; 16 So then from now on we acknowledge no one from an outward human point of view. Even though we have known Christ from such a human point of view, now we do not know him in that way any longer. Matt 12:50; John 15:14; Gal 5:6; Gal 6:15; Col 3:11; 17 So then, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; what is old has passed away – look, what is new has come! Isa 43:18; Rev 21:5; 18 And all these things are from God who reconciled us to himself through Christ, and who has given us the ministry of reconciliation.

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Do You Ever Get Tired Of You?

Psalm 96 is a celebration all its own. ‘1 ​​​​​​​Sing to the LORD a new song!2
Sing to the LORD, all the earth! ‘ One couldn’t think of a more powerful, direct and engaging song or poem for the day.

The words are a music full of creation, ‘springing forth’, a blossoming, an emerging root into seedling, a call to you to make yourself a new person or one to the Lord, who him/her self is creativity and creating.

At some point, each of us deep inside decided to be a new song, and as we see it, a path. We all renew and become new songs, over and over again through our lives.

This morning, I took the above differently, and actually found and started singing a new song. My wife can tell you that I have the irritating habit of continually singing, humming, whistling, and maybe even snoring the same tune. If the tune happened to be Handel’s ‘Messiah maybe it would be tolerable, but I think a recent tune was ‘You are my sunshine’. But far worse is that the tune of the day, soon lasts a month, and I’ll break into music with it several times a day.

Well, the new song is ‘Just as Long as I’m in this world, I am the light of the world’. I ‘accidentally’ heard the song in the morning, being sung by Kelly Joe Phelps, a guitarist from Portland, Oregon.

The song itself traces back to the Reverend Gary Davis, a blind preacher, singer, amazing guitarist and harmonica player before and during the the Great Depression, at least that’s how I remember him now, and although I’m fairly familiar with his music, I hadn’t heard this song like I did today, so I’ve been whistling it, singing it, humming, tapping my foot, and imagine the guitar in my hands.

The only point I’m making is that sometimes we can hum the same tune so much we weat it out, and maybe we too become so fixed and static in our spirit, that may be even God gets a little tired of it.

But, as much as we may fear it, singing a new song and being a new spirit and soul may be just the thing for us.

Pray for peace,

pastor Bill


Whistling in Brooklyn

Whistling in Brooklyn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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